Shout out to Zack Snyder for successfully crafting the most swanky daytime soap opera known to man.

BATMAN V. SUPERMAN’s a lot of things. Overlong, galumphing, grandiose, convoluted, yet I sort of enjoyed myself. May also be the most cynical superhero movie ever made. Grows more and more scattered as it progresses, feels almost weightless. I wanted the movie to end half-way in, but mostly because of the horrendous editing and how it carried the pace of a beaten down government mule. Anyways, Ben Affleck was my least favorite part of it. Surprised how lousy of a Batman he ended up being. Not only was the character poorly written and carried a defective moral compass, but above all I never once bought him as our hero Batman or the man Bruce Wayne. Don’t know what the fuck Jeremy Irons was doing here. And Scoot McNairy is much, much better than this. I liked Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor though. He was basically playing the doppelgänger from The Double once again. It worked. Overall, it is a fundamentally misconceived movie, but succeeds as a grandiose spectacle. Snyder has an audacious vision, he just needs a better script to work with.

Let’s just bond over Martha and not call this a complete failure.

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