Trainwreck review

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Welcome to the Whitest Couple in America

Yes, Amy Schumer is 2015’s Queen of the comedy. Let this woman’s unique and powerful voice be heard and reign upon the entertainment world. A talent of this high regard is rare to behold, and I am just positively delighted to see her future ahead in Hollywood. Hopefully, this is not the final time she writes a film script either (Wiig, we miss you too!!!). The semi-autobiographical Trainwreck is actually downright hilarious. This is perhaps the most emotionally barefaced, self-assured film Judd Apatow has ever directed. Amy absolutely slays it in the title role. Schumer emits a certain self-confidence while simultaneously being apologetic, but there’s a startling layer of vulnerability underneath it all. Absolutely no slut-shaming occurs despite some of her behavior. The movie full accepts who she is, and it is quite empowering to behold. Overall, I’m just SO DELIGHTED for all she accomplished here.

Don’t worry, you get a shit ton of masterful one liners you’ll immediately not want to forget. These effective jokes consistently hit hard and FAST. The gender roles are also refreshingly reversed between most characters in Trainwreck. Lebron James for instance, he is that audacious and sassy black female friend you’d find in frequent romantic comedies. It’s the mere fact Trainwreck doesn’t break any new grounds as a comedy, also provides it one of its biggest strengths. Its comedic lineage is embraced, yet Schumer puts small twists on the roots of traditional romantic comedies. All the while keeping its conventional structure properly intact. Trainwreck is so well-written, so consistently funny, carries great momentum and a crisp pace. This is a studio comedy at its absolute finest and works on a multitude of levels. I was actually almost moved to tears by the end of it. Garnering up feelings like this from a traditional studio comedy is so rare for me. I’ll never listen to Billy Joel’s Uptown Girl the same way again.

The entire supporting ensemble is overall amazing! My personal highlights being Bill Hader and John Cena. Hader really warmed my heart with his performance. He delightfully worked so well off Schumer. Besides being funny and smart, their sensational chemistry is intricate as to why this movie works. I hope he gets the proper recognition for his performance, as I could see the bigger performances of the film taking the spotlight. I also personally can’t comprehend how Judd Apatow knew John Cena was THIS talented. Like, he’s a legitimate charismatic acting talent. I could actually see him taking on Tatum’s role in Foxcatcher even. He’s just that impressive! I think he’s just about ready to really explode in the acting world. Funny as hell, and makes such a substantial impact in his few scenes! His delivery, his lines, his acting, his bare ass (lol), his POWAH. Genuinely excited what comes next for him. He already overshadowed Jason Statham as 2015’s biggest comedic surprise.

Now let us all pray Amy Schumer is rewarded with a Best Original Screenplay Nomination by the year’s end.

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