“She Dies Tomorrow” Review

By Tyler Gibson

A concept ripe for fascinating exploration disappointingly unfolds in a monotone fashion. “She Dies Tomorrow” is the second directorial project from indie mainstay Amy Seimetz.

Seimetz approaches the material with a brooding sense of detachment, which is an inappropriate intention. Accepting the inevitability of mortality should be treated with intimacy to heighten and illustrate its paranoid stigma. Still, we never get that doomed sense of contagious fear until the script finally shifts gears in the second act by proceeding to track and follow other, different characters. Kate Lyn Sheil (another indie icon) is the titular “She.”

We are introduced to her in distantly derivative full compositions, and a complacent soundtrack consisting of classical music as she aimlessly wanders her home and comes to terms with what she assumes is impending death. Seimetz’s form is then contradicted once “She” interacts with others. These conversations are meant to be darkly humorous but instead come off as transparently obvious and indistinguishably flat.

The film’s most surprising and exciting element is the onslaught of celebrity cameos. For a movie that should have its fingers on the pulse, it’s impossible to separate from any American indie of the last decade you stumble across while scrolling on Netflix. 

Rating: [C]

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