Song to Song – SXSW Review


I feel as if I would not have enjoyed Song to Song if I were not a resident of Austin, Texas. In true Malick fashion, there are beautiful shots of iconic Texas landscapes that bring the film to life. I particularly loved the shots of Enchanted Rock. That being said, being a child of the Texas music scene, I don’t understand how this film represents it at all.

The narration echoes that of a student film, and sounds childish in parts. The script is disappointing especially following TREE OF LIFE, choosing to tell rather than show the beautiful scenes we know Malick can produce. Fassbender, Gosling, and Mara all gave lovely performances, but the script held them back.

Although I enjoy this film as both a Texan and Austinite, I found it gratuitous and a bit too meandering. I look forward to an actual film about the Austin music scene.

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