Jackie (TIFF Review)


Had to see it twice to confirm, but Pablo Larraín’s Jackie is the film of the year for me. Natalie Portman’s performance is the stuff of legends. A bracing twist to the traditional biopic formula, and iconic character portrait on grief and an exercise on love and feeling, but it’s all about tone and atmosphere. Its hypnotic intimacy is entangled with extreme psychological duress under the calculation of legacy swirled with devastating emotions and scattered-eyed grief. Jackie is overall a clear contingent on memory and how we remember them in fragmented pieces, and bringing that sensation alive on screen through her eyes (and oh my lord, Mica Levi’s synergic score) as she recalls to a reporter her story. Enrapturing from first frame to last. It LITERALLY moves and feels like an ominous dream. This film is PERFECT. I’m shook.

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