Arrival (TIFF Review)


The beginning of Arrival’s like a Malick visual poem spliced together with the opening montage from UP. Bradford Young is a friggin’ genius!!

ARRIVAL’s one of the most emotionally devastating movies I’ve seen in my life and does it in new inventive ways never seen on screen before. Honest to god, I left the theater unable to focus and powerless keeping my composure. Having a full emotional breakdown the last third of it (the less you know going in, the better). It is an unshakable heart meets mind, multifaceted sci-fi masterwork fluctuating in thrill, serenity, contemplativeness and imagination. Helping us better understand our place in the world. Transcending our grief, existence and attachment to time and space through visual language. Centering wholly on Amy Adams’ shoulders in what many would call feminist take at the sci-fi genre. Here you have the fate of the universe riding on her shoulders. It is a knockout performance showcasing her smarts, capability and sorrow. So much of the performance goes right down to her facial gestures, sending emotionally-triggered tingles down your spine. She functions with strong-minded strength and a quiet emphasizing vitality and it’s probably the performance’s Amy Adams performance to date. The musical score was also a thing of rare beauty. Taking the linguistic themes with one of the signature tracks of the movie and incorporating it with human sounds and whispers. You haven’t heard a thing like it before. The script is also razor sharp and beguiling. The bracing buildup of its unique structure is not only satisfying, but left me in a emotional wreck. I love this god damn movie. Not a flaw about it. [A+]

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